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Bindery at LCBA

The facilities at London Centre for Book Arts include a comprehensive range of tools and equipment for bookbinding, letterpress printing, foil blocking, reprographics & publishing, and other processes. All of our equipment is available for use by qualified studio members and Studio Pass holders – find out more about studio access.

Stephenson Blake letterpress proof press

We have an extensive collection of letterpress equipment and type. Proofing presses can print from metal and wood type; linocuts, woodcuts and wood engravings; polymer, magnesium and zinc plates, and most other relief surfaces.

There is a range of metal letterpress type in various sizes from 6pt to 48pt, and wood type from 6- to 24-line. Faces include Gill Sans, Perpetua, Baskerville, Ehrhardt and Bodoni.

The studio also houses a large range of borders and ornaments, and a wide variety of image blocks, halftones and clichés. All of the inks we use at the studio are oil based. It is possible to mix Pantone colours using the inks we have. We also have special inks, including fluorescents and metallics.

The bindery houses four bookbinding nipping presses, a board cutter, and a range of wooden bindery equipment, including laying and finishing presses. There is a huge range of bookbinding tools available, including bone folders, knives, backing hammers, backing boards, gilding boards, burnishing tools, type holders, and brass type for blocking in a range of sizes.

Foil blocking
Used to print and emboss onto book covers and other materials. The studio houses four foil blocking presses for printing from magnesium plates or brass type.

Repographics area

Print finishing and publishing
As well as facilities for traditional bookbinding and lettterpress printing, the studio also houses a range of equipment for print finishing and small-scale publishing. We have a large powered guillotine, perfect binding machine (for paperbacks), coil and wire binders, electric paper drills and various other bits of print finishing equipment.

Risograph printing at LCBA

We also have two Risograph duplicators, which can print up to a maximum sheet size of A3. Colours available are Black, Blue, Bright Red, Burgundy, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Green, Medium Blue, Orange, Purple, Teal, and Yellow.

Reference library

LCBA Library
We have a reference library available to members which contains books on all aspects of book-making, all types of printing, bookbinding and book production, artists books and publishing, independent publishing, etc.

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